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Academy Road

Spay and Neuter Clinic

Our Services...

We are YOUR PET'S FAMILY VET. Our mission is to provide quality preventative healthcare at an affordable cost to you.

Our services include:

~Spays and Neuters (identification tattoo included)

~Annual Physical Examinations & Vaccinations (as needed).

~Heartworm Testing and Preventative Medication

~Microchip identification (AEG ISO)

~Nail trimming

~Routine Teeth Cleaning (under general anesthesia)

~Minor Surgical Procedures

~Minor Medical Procedures

Our surgery patients are treated as if they were our own pets. Warm and cozy blankets and attentive care make for a nice recovery.

We pride ourselves in having a very progressive vaccination policy.

Your pet's vaccine schedule is tailored to your pet's risk. In most cases, once your pet is over the age of one year, each vaccine is

done every 3 years, on a rotational basis. An annual wellness examination is recommended to assess your pet's ongoing health needs.

Since we do not have a comprehensive in-clinic laboratory or X-ray equipment, we do refer major medical or surgical problems.

In limiting our services and controlling our costs, we can control the fees we charge you. We welcome you to phone with inquiries about your pet, regardless of the nature. We will be happy to care for your pet when possible, and if necessary we will assist you in referral of your pet to a full service clinic. We will gladly fax any medical information we have to the referral practice (at no charge).

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