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March 15, 2022



Dear valued clients,


In light of the ever changing COVID 19 situation, we wanted to update you on the steps we are currently implementing to protect our staff, clients and families.


We ask that anyone currently ill or that have had recent exposure to someone who is ill/at risk of COVID-19, please do not visit the clinic.


We will continue to operate under a closed door policy and still require masks when dealing with staff and entering our facility.  We are encouraging clients to call us from the parking lot when they arrive and allow a staff member to meet them at the back door and bring their pet into the clinic while clients stay in their car.  Clients who wish to accompany their pet for an appointment may do so, however,  we will allow only one person to  accompany their pet into the hospital and they will be asked to remain seated in the waiting area during the exam to allow us to maintain social distancing.


Clients who are picking up food or medication are asked to call ahead and pay over the phone when possible.  We ask that they call upon arrival in the parking lot and a staff member will meet them at the back door with their items.


Payments can be made by cash, debit or credit card and we are encouraging credit card payment over the phone to limit traffic in the hospital.  Only one client will be allowed into the clinic at a time.


Please do not hesitate to call us at (204)487-1477 with any questions.


We thank you for your ongoing support.

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